Cape Robbin | Jazmine Ostrich Feather High Heel Strap Stiletto

Color: Black

The New Jazmine Pointed Toe Stiletto heel features:

  • Detachable feathers secured within a hidden Velcro inner lining allowing you the flexibility to dress the shoe up for a high-end luxurious look or tone it down for a more traditional stiletto appearance.
  • The heel height is 4 inches and the New Jazmine comes complete with two additional shoe tabs which allows you to keep your Jazmines looking new and sharp.
  • Our New Jasmine Stiletto heels are available in 5 colors ranging from classic black and elegant blue, to fun and flirty bright yellow, trendy orange, and fiery fuchsia.
  • Our Jazmine stiletto is constructed with glossy patent leather and has a fully padded black sole and generous straps which allow you to wear then laces up the leg, or tied around the ankle.
  • Whether you chose to wear your pair of Jazmines with feathers attached and laced up the leg, or without plumage and secured around the ankle, they are sure to turn heads whether you are entering the boardroom, or dancefloor.

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