Leather Jump Rope

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Leather jump rope for genuine jump rope workout experience maximize your jump rope workout now are you sick of the poor quality of most plastic jump ropes that break from intense training after only a few weeks? You wasted money for a jump rope that is too long and length can't be adjusted? Zoldir jump rope only consists of natural components such as wooden handles or genuine leather. This ensures the long life of the jump rope. The length of the rope (9 feet) can be easily adjusted by supplied Allen key to achieving perfect jump rope workout results. Training with weighted jump rope improves your health & fitness Cross Fit jump rope will help you to achieve your dream figure leather jump rope generates excellent momentum and makes very smooth and uniform rotation thanks to high-quality ball bearings by adding weights into wooden handles you can make your jump rope workout harder and more effective skipping rope Zoldir is long-lasting due to its natural materials such as wood and genuine leather don't take our word for it - try Zoldir yourself get the Zoldir leather jump rope today. You will not regret investing in high-quality products.


CONDITION YOUR BODY AND IMPROVES HEALTH - This jump rope is an incredibly efficient versatile workout tool. It improves aerobic conditioning lower body strength and power core strength coordination and agility foot and hand speed balance timing and rhythm bone density recovery from certain injuries body composition spatial awareness concentration and memory retention.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE WHICH IS PERFECT EVEN WHEN YOU TRAVEL - Carry this skipping rope in your backpack or briefcase bring it with you on vacations and weekend trips for work because this is one of the easiest ways to build cardio fitness agility and strength on the go.

THIS ISN’T YOUR ORDINARY JUMP ROPE - This skipping rope was built with a comfort-grip wooden handles that are designed for an ergonomic grip. The ergonomically contoured handles allow the user to maintain the most natural and relaxed grip. This reduces fatigue commonly experienced in the forearms and shoulders ideally preferred by all athletes boxers and sportsmen. This jump rope whip around faster smooth and quick for a more intense workout.

GET IN THE BEST SHAPE AND WEIGHT OF YOUR LIFE - Our massive 9-ft 100% leather jump rope comes with a 90-degree perpendicular swivel design. It can be easily adjusted by supplied Allen key to any height while the ergonomic anti-slip handles ensure the perfect grip even for intense sessions. Our skipping rope has high-quality ball bearings that add weights into wooden handles so you can make your jump rope workout harder for a more effective and intense jumping rope.

GREAT EXERCISE OR WORKOUT TOOL BUILT FOR EVERYONE- This jump rope is great for men women professional athletes beginner adult or even for kids.


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